Logan International Airport

Safe, Stylish, and Timely Airport Transportation

We provide safe, stylish, and timely limo and car service to Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. Logan is the 19th busiest airport in the country and serves as the gateway to New England, attracting business travelers and vacationers alike.

But Boston airport transportation can actually be a relaxing experience! Relieve your travel anxiety by giving yourself the benefit of a car service to Logan International Airport. We’ll ensure that you arrive at the airport safely and on time while you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! ! Request A Quote Now! Or Give Us A Call at 978-750-6666!

Departure Information

All flights depart from the operating airline’s main terminal, regardless of the flight’s domestic or international status.  The TSA website contains helpful information about carry-on restrictions, security-line tips, and other travel requirements!

Arrival Information

WebbTrans.com uses several flight tracking services to ensure that our drivers are there to greet you regardless any delayed or early arrivals. Designated Limo Pickup Areas are located in different spots at each terminal at Logan. To assist in your airport navigation, refer to the paragraphs below that correspond with your airline to read directions to terminal specific limo pick up areas. Also, be sure you go to the designated LIMO PICKUP AREA and NOT the Ground Transportation and Taxi areas.

Terminal A

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Delta Airlines (except international arrivals)
  • Delta Shuttle (LaGuardia)

How to find us:
Follow signs to the LIMO pick-up area. It is located in the parking lot across from the BAGGAGE CLAIM. Exit the terminal on the baggage claim level and cross all streets. This will take you directly into the LIMO/LIVERY parking lot. Your WebbTrans.com driver will be there with a sign with your name. Be sure to turn your phone on so your driver can contact you ahead of time.

Terminal B

  • Air Canada/Air Canada Jazz
  • American (except international arrivals)
  • American Eagle
  • Frontier/Midwest
  • Spirit Airlines
  • US Airways (except international arrivals)
  • US Airways Express/US Airways Shuttle (LaGuardia & D.C.)
  • United Airlines
  • Virgin America

How to find us:
Follow signs to the LIMO PICK-UP area located on the Departure/Ticketing level. DO NOT CONFUSE THIS AREA WITH THE GROUND TRANSPORTATION/TAXI AREA ON THE BAGGAGE CLAIM LEVEL. Exit the terminal on the Departure/Ticketing level and the LIMO PICK-UP area is located curbside on the RIGHT of the terminal as you exit the terminal. This is located on the US Airways Shuttle end of the building. It is easily identified by looking for wide yellow painted bands around the building columns that say LIMO 2. Your WTS driver will be there with a sign with your name on it. Please call if you have any difficulty locating us.

Terminal C

  • Cape Air
  • JetBlue (except international arrivals)
  • Sun Country Airlines(seasonal)

How to find us:
The Terminal C LIMO pick up area is located upstairs on the Departure level, not the Arrival level. So make sure to travel upstairs after picking up your luggage. DO NOT CONFUSE THIS AREA WITH THE GROUND TRANSPORTATION/TAXI AREA LOCATED ON THE BAGGAGE CLAIM LEVEL. Exit the terminal and follow any crosswalk to the furthest traffic island. You will see the Limo & Livery vehicles parked along the curbs of this lane. Your WebbTrans.com driver will be there with a sign with your name.

Terminal E

  • Aer Lingus
  • Air France
  • Air Tran
  • Alitalia
  • American (international arrivals only)
  • British Airways
  • Delta Airlines
  • Iberia
  • Icelandair
  • Jet Blue Airways (international arrivals only)
  • Lufthansa
  • Porter Airlines
  • SATA (Azores Express)
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Swiss Airways
  • TACV
  • US Airways (international arrivals only)
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways

How to find us:
Follow signs to the LIMO PICK-UP area. It is located on the BAGGAGE CLAIM level. After you have cleared customs, collected all your luggage exit the terminal and cross the streets at the center crosswalk. The best door to exit the building is opposite the Dunkin Donuts in the terminal. This is approximately in the center of the terminal. You will be walking under an overhead walkway. You will see LIMO in large letters on the wall opposite the terminal. This will take you directly into the LIMO PICK-UP area parking lot on your left. Be sure to turn your cellphone on upon arrival to easily coordinate with your driver.

Helpful Tips

  • Turn on cell phone as soon as allowed to do so once you have landed
  • When contacting or being contacted by your driver, inform them of how much luggage you have (Checked?/Carry-Ons?)
  • Look for DESIGNATED LIMO PICKUP AREA, not Ground Transportation
  • If you have difficulty locating your driver, please call their cell phone FIRST, and then our main number at 978-750-6666

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