Danvers is a family-friendly town located on Boston’s North Shore. It served as headquarters to WebbTrans.com for a number of years and continues to be the hometown of its President/CEO John Webb.

“I’ve always loved Danvers, from the time I was a kid to the present day. I have travelled coast to coast and border to border and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else,” says Webb, who has long been an active member of the town


A Fascinating History

This Boston suburb, home to about 25,000 people, is 18 miles outside of the city that serves as Massachusetts’ capital. It’s known for its well-run town government, its quiet neighborhoods, its history, and one of the best summer fireworks displays around. While the neighboring city of Salem has long trumpeted itself as “the Witch City,” Danvers, at least until recent years, has downplayed its role in the 1692 Salem witch trials.

While the Salem witch trials took place in Salem, it was in Danvers that the witch hysteria began.  When two local girls began acting strangely, their afflictions were blamed on witchcraft and led to accusations against other villagers. The house of one of the convicted “witches,” Rebecca Nurse, is still standing and is open as a historical landmark by its owners, the Danvers Alarm List Company.

The town’s roots go deep and it was one of the earliest settlements in the area. Danvers was permanently settled in 1636 as Salem Village. The community eventually petitioned the English King for a charter as a town but rather than signing the charter, the King returned it with the message, “The King Unwilling,” which became the town’s motto. In 1757, the town was incorporated despite the King’s wishes, and the message was incorporated into the town’s seal.

Danvers touts a  rich agricultural history, known for its many farms. It still carries the nickname “Oniontown,” derived from the Danvers Onion that was developed by its farmers and quickly fount a worldwide market! Today, people can still buy everything from juicy strawberries to fresh red tomatoes and butter and sugar corn at the farm stands at two of those remaining farms—Connors Farm and Clark Farm.

Danvers was also home to a booming leather and shoe industry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with successful leather companies like Creese & Cook and shoe manufacturing companies like the Ideal Baby Shoe Company.

Sightseeing or Shopping it’s all here!

Now a vibrant North Shore  suburb of Boston, Danvers is well-located with easy access to major highways and proximity to Boston. It’s a feature Webb’s Danvers car service appreciates, providing airport transportation to thousands of business and recreational travels annually.

There’s plenty to do and see in this town. There’s lots of shopping opportunities, as Danvers is home to one of the area’s major shopping centers, the Liberty Tree Mall.  The Northshore Mall less than a mile away providing the shopper with over two hundred stores and dozens of restaurants to choose from.  Come early, stay late and shop until you drop!  Want the local flavor?  Visit downtown Danvers, with plenty of shops and small intimate or bustling restaurants that offer dining options that range from Italian to Thai food to one of the best roast beef sandwiches you will ever have.  One of your meals has got to be taken at New Brothers in the heart of downtown Danvers.  It is a favorite gathering spot for many of Webb’s drivers who provide the car service everyone raves about!

Glen Magna Farms, owned by the Danvers Historical Society, survives as an old turn of the century country estate that exemplifies historic North Shore summer living.  It’s like stepping back in time with its restored mansion, gardens, and Samuel McIntyre Tea House making Glen Magna a very popular spot for weddings. Webb transportation has been proud to provide wedding limousine services and wedding guest shuttle services for these special occasions.

Neighboring Endicott Park, consists of 165 acres owned and operated by the town of Danvers.  it is a fabulous place for kids and people of all ages. Pack a picnic lunch and visit the park with its horses, sheep, pigs, and other barnyard animals, as well an area with swings and slides.

Danvers is proud of its public schools and is host to a number of educational institutions, including North Shore Community College, Essex Agricultural and Technical Institute, and St. John’s Preparatory School.

WebbTrans.com serves Danvers and all of the communities on the North Shore, providing airport transportation to Logan, limousine service for special occasions, in short: WebbTrans.com provides any kind of vehicle you need for any type of occasion you can imagine!!

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