Taylor Swift at Gillette Stadium

May 19, 2023 | Concerts, Events

Finally, at long last, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour pulls into Massachusetts today! The reviews of the tour have been sparkling. With three shows on the docket, Gillette Stadium is in store for quite the weekend. If you are attending, consider requesting a quote or reserving transportation with us to remove any driving-related stress! From sedans to buses, we can provide custom Gillette Stadium concert transportation. Check out the Gillette Stadium Policy Page for parking times, gate times, bag policy, and more!

Below is an excerpt from this Rolling Stone review.

SPOILER ALERT: The excerpt below will only get you more excited for the show and contains NO spoilers. The article, though, gives a thorough breakdown of the show, just as a heads up!

“It’s easy to compare one of Swift’s stadium shows to something you’d see on Broadway — never has that been more true than for The Eras Tour. The setlist is cut up into acts, grouped together by eras for each of Swift’s ten studio albums. For each era/act, Swift went full-send into that album’s look, feel, costume, color blocking, and more…The Eras Tour is a feat. It’s live music at its highest spectacle and greatest excess. And for most, without the catalog and showmanship of Swift, it’d be too much. But 17 years into her career, maybe we ought to stop being surprised when she finds a way to top her own efforts year after year. Towards the end of Paramore’s set, Swift’s good friend Hayley Williams said we had gathered that evening to celebrate Swift’s incredible career. There’s something funny about a greatest hits concert for someone who’s never been more in her prime, isn’t there?”

We offer a wide variety of vehicles for Gillette Stadium concert transportation. If it is, just you and a friend, or a group of 20 of you, we will get you to and from the show safely! As always, feel free to give us a call at 978-750-6666!